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A Garden with House Attached  by  Sarah Warner Brooks

A Garden with House Attached by Sarah Warner Brooks
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Sarah Warner Brooks packed a lot of interesting information into the fifteen chapters of this little book. We are granted a tour of her garden, given tips on which different types of plants work best where, and receive plenty of anecdotes about various flowers.I am more of a Garden Slave than a true Gardener. I dont always know the proper names of my plants, and I am sure I dont follow all the rules when it comes to caring for them. So there were a few pages where I found myself going dormant from reading the names and hints for mulching, feeding, winter care and such like.

But once I started Googling the names of the flowers she mentioned, I blossomed again and had fun wondering how this or that plant would look in my own garden.Mrs. Brooks had moved to this garden (and the house, of course) two years after her husband had died- the book was published in 1904 and if I read correctly she had been there ten years by then. It must have been lovely. There are a few pictures: showing her hollyhock bed (I want one!) and a few views of trees with pathways winding around. I would have loved to see the lilac trees- she said there were so many that the estate was known as The Lilacs.

Imagine walking the grounds when they were blooming!Even though there is a lot of gardening advice here (the kind a true Gardener would appreciate) the writing style is chatty- a little meandering. It feels like a nice gossip about plants between neighbors. I enjoyed the bits of history she tells about some flowers, like this about the Forget-Me-Not: The Forget-me-not is another low-growing perennial which may prettily carpet the bare spots between the taller occupants of the border. We have all associated the name of this charming little flower with the story of the chivalrous knight who wandered beside a stream with the lady of his love.

In the attempt to procure for her some of its much-desired flowers growing on the opposite shore he was borne away by the current while returning to her side with the gathered blossoms, and, making a last effort, threw them on the margin of the engulfing flood, and crying Forget-me-not, sank beneath the waters.She does not come across as one of those snooty know-it-all gardeners that make us Garden Slaves feel about two inches tall. She admits defeat when it happens, like this about roses: And now it is on my conscience that, in this authentic history, I have not yet confessed my disgraceful failure with Perpetual Roses.

In the little bed, started ten years ago, but six decadent specimens now hold the fort. I cannot state whether this shameful fact is the result of unfitness of soil, mistaken pruning, insufficient winter protection, or simply the malice of opposing Fate.I try not to go on forever in my reviews, but this has been such a charming visit to a lovely garden with a friendly tour guide, that I simply couldnt help myself. And I cant wait for morning to come so I can look around and decide where to put my own hollyhock bed!

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