Domain name

Essential basics for building a website
Great image portraying the words "hello my name is .." as the common denominator for this page about picking the best domain names

What’s in a name?

After you figured out your true goal, your target audience and their needs and desires you can pick a great domain name for your website.

Tips to pick the best name

Top-level domain (= the website's name; URL)

Choose the best top-level domain.image portraying several top-level domains
There areĀ original top-level domains like .com, .org, .edu, .net and many others.
Or country code top-level domains, such as, .nl, .us or popular .is.
Geographic top-level domains like .paris, .amsterdam, or .tokyo.
And ICANN-era_generic_top-level_domains including top level domains like .academy, .biz, .museum and even .clothing.

There is a lot to choose from. Try to pick the one that suits your website and business best.
For example: if you have a B&B in the city of love Paris then .paris might be your best pick. Or something semantic like