Learn to build a website, step by step, from beginner to expert

Do you want to build a website?

So you want to build a website, but you don't know all the ins and outs?

Good advice, step by step, from beginner to expert

My aim is to provide you with step by step detailed information, guidelines and best practices so you can build your own website, from scratch, without getting in the dark or missing out on security, usability, accessibility, SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Why I started this website

I found the World Wide Web is full of wonderful websites for learning about building websites, like CSS-TRICKS for CSS and HTML, the Mozilla Developer Network for HTML, CSS and Javascript, the Nielsen Norman Group for User Experience or A List Apart for many great and insightful articles on nearly any part or language of the web.

But I never really found a website where every part of building a website was chronologically ordered. And the problem I found was that building a website the "right" way demands for you to know the basics AND the advanced parts of web development. Otherwise you would end up with a "working" website, but one that very likely would have been a waste of your time (read on to find out why, or read the first step: Research).

That's where I try to accommodate with this website.

How this website was built

I built this website with an HTML-editor (Notepad++, Dreamweaver and Quoda for Android).
And I've been taking into account all best practices I have found over the years. Considering Accessibility (WCAG 2.0), SEO, UX (User Experience), while using HTML5, Javascript and CSS(3). And where I can, I stay away from images and use SVG or CSS instead.

Why I built this website "by hand"

I firmly believe that if you want to build a proper website, with or without the help of frameworks like Bootstrap or CMSses like WordPress, you should first understand what it takes to build a proper website.
Also, I never really created a proper website before (at least not one with the knowledge have to date) and

the best way to retain any information is to use it in context

So here you have it: selfish me ;-)

This website is still "in the making", so bear with me. But if you have some requests, feedback or just want to talk, please use my contact-page :-)